Winter Blues

I’m feeling very very fed up today. I decided to leap onto the scales this morning, just to have a look, and got the shock of my life!  I am now officially heavier than I have ever been throughout my entire life. I am totally shocked and a very ashamed that I’ve let myself come to this. 😦 I can feel depression setting in all ready and the worst thing is, no-one will even notice. I’ve got very good at hiding my unhappiness, maybe too good.

So today I had my porridge for breakfast, made with skimmed milk. Lunch today consists of fruit and yogurts and supper will be a low fat dish cooked by my husband, probably with chicken. My choice beverage for the day is water, and only water.  I just have to kick this addiction to food, mostly sugar I think. It’s not that easy though, is it? It never is..

16 years ago I managed to give up smoking after nearly 20 years of having the habit, so surely I can overcome this one too? Hmmmmm we’ll see I guess